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Quality casting Boutique, NEOlift customized products enter the Turkish market

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The Turkish market has always had very high quality requirements for products. This time, according to customer needs, NEOlift completed two high-end customized forklift solutions and entered the Turkish market and won a good reputation. The customer emphasized that these two electric trucks will also participate in the German , France and other countries to further expand publicity, push the NEOlift brand to the high-end market, and establish an exclusive agency relationship with us.


In response to customer feedback, we conducted in-depth discussions with customers on market development and received the following suggestions:

1. Provide high-quality products and services: Ensure that NEOlift electric pallet trucks comply with international standards and have high-quality performance. Provide reliable after-sales service and maintenance guarantee.

2. Establish brand awareness: Conduct market research to understand market needs and competition. Establish an attractive brand image and conduct effective marketing such as advertising, exhibitions and marketing events.

3. Cooperate with local dealers: Find experienced and reputable dealers in Turkey to introduce your products to the local market. They can help you understand the characteristics of the local market, establish a sales network, and provide customer support and services.

4. Provide local support: Establish a local customer service team that can communicate with customers and solve their problems and needs in Turkish. This will increase customer trust and satisfaction.

5. Pay attention to customer feedback: actively listen to customer opinions and feedback, and respond to customer needs. Enhance customer trust by improving product quality and services and customizing development according to customer needs.

6. Establish partnerships: Establish strategic partnerships in Turkey, such as jointly exploring the market with local logistics companies, manufacturers or pallet rental companies. This will help increase customer trust and expand your business reach.

7. Comply with local laws and regulations: Understand Turkish business laws and regulations and ensure that the business complies with local legal requirements and standards. This will increase customer trust in the company and improve its reputation in the local market.


NEOlift's non-standard customized pallet truck has been recognized by the customer and gave us a high evaluation. The customer reached an agreement with our company and will conduct strategic cooperation with NEOlift in the Turkish market in the future to jointly develop the Turkish market.



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