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After-sales feedback from European customers

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NEOlift always adheres to the concept of customer first. We will have long-term communication and exchanges with customers who purchase products to understand their feelings about using the products, their further expectations for our products, and what aspects we hope we can improve on. Our services are an important part of our products.

This customer is a large customer from Europe, mainly engaged in the construction, mining and forklift rental industries, and has a very high demand for forklifts. This customer has purchased multiple batches of forklifts from our company, a total of twenty diesel forklifts. Here’s what our customers have to say about NEOlift products:


“We are engaged in the construction and mining industries, so we pay great attention to power performance, reliability and durability when purchasing forklifts. Whether the quality of the forklift can meet our requirements and whether it can provide an efficient, safe and long-lasting experience is what we choose when choosing a forklift. Focus. Through the use and experience of your forklifts, you have successfully won many orders from us.”


Our company pays special attention to the quality of forklifts and strictly controls every production link:

Component quality: NEOlift forklift’s engine, transmission system, hydraulic system, etc. are all of high quality and reliability. We strictly control every component and resolutely prevent substandard parts from entering our company, which greatly improves the performance and lifespan of forklifts.

Manufacturing process: NEOlift forklifts are manufactured with strict process flow and process control to ensure the quality consistency of each forklift. Ensure that every forklift delivered to customers is qualified. Strict quality inspection by our professional quality inspection team greatly reduces manufacturing defects and problems.

Structural design: The structure of the NEOlift forklift is designed by experts from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. It has a beautiful appearance, reasonable strength and stability, and can cope with heavy loads and complex environmental conditions. Excellent structural design improves the safety and service life of the forklift.


The importance of after-sales service to customers is self-evident. Our advantage is to provide high-quality after-sales service so that customers can get better support and help during use and solve possible problems in a timely manner. Good after-sales service helps improve customer satisfaction with forklifts.

By focusing on and optimizing these key aspects, we can further improve the quality of our forklifts and continuously meet our customers' needs and expectations. This will win us more market share and build a good brand reputation.




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