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NEOlift company culture

NEOlift company culture


Corporate philosophy:

Integrity: colleagues treat each other with sincerity and trust each other, and treat users with honesty and trustworthiness.

Quality: Strictly control the quality of products, from as small as a screw to as large as a complete vehicle, the quality of every link must be strictly controlled, 100% guarantee that every forklift delivered to the customer is qualified.

Nature: We respect the personality development of every employee, and naturally do not affectation. In the development of the company, we pay more attention to nature, green and environmental protection. While pursuing sustainable development, we will also undertake due social responsibilities.

Caring: We care about the self-development, family harmony, and physical and mental health of every employee, and we are determined to make NEOlift the warmest harbor for employees.

Core value:

Integrity, honesty, and abiding by good professional ethics: Integrity, honesty, and abiding by good professional ethics are the cornerstones of corporate success. Only when a team has integrity, honesty, and abides by good professional ethics can customers feel more at ease and gain their trust.

With the spirit of teamwork, take the initiative to take responsibility and work hard to solve problems: the development of the enterprise requires the contribution and dedication of every employee. Only by taking the initiative to take responsibility and solving problems with the spirit of teamwork can each employee drive the development of the enterprise and create for customers. greater value. At the same time, the good professional environment and the atmosphere of mutual help and friendship created will nourish the healthy growth and development of every member and every enterprise.

Emphasis on individual value, realize the ideal of humanized management: We believe that everyone has their own shining point, we provide a platform for every young man with dreams and passion to have the opportunity to try, find the most suitable direction for them, and develop their own Personality value, only when employees really play their own value is the mutual win between the enterprise and employees, and the mutual win with customers.