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New order to be sent to European agent

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NEOlift's new batch of 6 diesel counterbalanced forklifts will be shipped to Eastern European dealers soon. This batch of forklifts is specially customized according to customer requirements and is equipped with Euro V engines, which comply with EU emission requirements. This customer is NEOlift's brand agent in Europe. The customer's long-term choice of our forklifts fully reflects the customer's recognition of the quality of our products. Why do customers continue to cooperate with NEOlift?

NEOlift diesel forklift

First of all: NEOlift is China's leading manufacturer of internal combustion forklifts and electric storage equipment. With more than 20 years of production experience, it has a number of domestic leading production lines, a technical team of more than 60 people with strong technical strength, a large number of skilled industry talents, a group of strict quality inspection teams and an experienced , professional sales team.

NEOlift diesel forklift

Secondly:Advantages of NEOlift internal combustion forklifts

1. The engine has long service life, is economical and durable. The diesel engine has a lower speed, the related parts are not easy to age, the parts wear less than the gasoline engine, and the service life is relatively longer. There is no ignition system and few auxiliary electrical appliances, so the failure rate of the diesel engine is much lower than the fuel consumption of the gasoline engine. Low;

2. Large at low speed. Torque diesel engines usually can obtain high torque at a very low speed, which is better than gasoline engines on complex road surfaces, climbing hills, and carrying heavy loads. However, its performance on speeding up and driving at high speeds on flat surfaces such as highways is not as good as that of gasoline vehicles;

NEOlift diesel forklift

3. High safety. Compared with gasoline, it is less volatile, has a higher ignition point, and is less likely to be ignited or explode due to accidental circumstances, so using diesel is more stable and safer than using gasoline;

4. More environmentally friendly. The greenhouse effect produced by diesel engine emissions is 45% lower than that of gasoline, and carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions are also lower. However, during the service life of the vehicle, nitrogen oxides and PM (particulate matter) emissions are greater than those of gasoline engines. With the continuous advancement of technology, its emissions have reached Euro III and Euro IV emission standards.



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