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NEOlift new product release

Time : 2024-03-21 Hits : 1

NEOlift's latest product, an ultra-short mini three-wheel electric forklift, has a rated load of 1 ton and a maximum lifting height of 3 meters. The standard lithium iron phosphate battery is lightweight and easy to disassemble, with faster charging time and higher work efficiency. This forklift is currently the shortest electric three-wheel forklift in China. The body is only 1.3 meters long, 1 meter wide, and has a smaller turning radius. Because the car body is light and compact, it is suitable for operations in small and dense spaces such as elevators, warehouses, and floors. Standard solid rubber tires can easily cope with various difficult environments. Continuously variable speed and intelligent control system make the forklift operation more stable.

NEOlift mini 3 wheel electric forklift




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