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Customer Approval: New Order to Europe

Time : 2024-02-22 Hits : 1

New order to be shipped to Europe soon. This customer is our European agent, maintains a good cooperative relationship with our company, and highly recognizes our products. Why do more and more customers choose NEOlift forklifts? Because NEOlift is China's leading forklift manufacturer with 20 years of production experience, our company has a professional technical R&D team of more than 40 people and a large number of technically mature industrial workers. It also has an experienced sales team and strict control Quality QC team, which ensures the quality of our products.

49d26a6f6446d11b125d16be7e433d599d672f07d0b1c17cb5d40ba8370b033f1. Comfort: The whole vehicle is designed with advanced ergonomic technology, engine suspension shock absorber, elastic link of steering axle, and low input torque steering gear, making it easier to turn on the spot; the adjustable steering wheel can be adjusted according to the working environment. , the operator is reminded to make adjustments, and will not be tired after working for a long time; the wide leg space makes the driver comfortable to operate; the high-strength overall hood with suspended design has built-in sound-absorbing and heat-insulating materials.
2. Reasonable, stable and low center of gravity: Computer simulation is used to create the most reasonable and stable low center of gravity. At the same time, the vehicle body is precision welded with high-light steel plates to ensure it is more stable and reliable during transportation and walking.

8db87a711e52f9e779f64e859bdca260a54abbb214b47c5b719c77161d7482023. Safety: The lifting system adopts a wide-view mast, which greatly improves the driver's field of vision and makes the operation safer and faster. The management system is equipped with safety devices so that even if the pipeline breaks, it will not cause the mast to go out of control.
4. Cooling system: Using a large-capacity copper water tank and international advanced heat dissipation technology to ensure that the entire vehicle has good heat dissipation performance.
5. Electrical system: Using the latest technology wiring harness and waterproof plug-in, multi-channel fuse arrangement greatly improves the safety and stability of the circuit system.



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