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Four major trends in the future development of the forklift industry

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With the global macroeconomic recovery, it has gradually shown a trend of steady growth. Boosted demand for forklifts. The proactive fiscal policies implemented by various countries and the maintenance of relatively high growth rates in infrastructure construction have driven the forklift industry to accelerate growth. Today I will introduce to you the four major trends in the future development of the forklift industry.

1. Serialization and large-scale
Serialization is an important trend in the development of electric forklifts. Some well-known large foreign companies have gradually realized the serialization of their products, forming forklifts of different specifications from micro to extra large. At the same time, the forklift product replacement cycle has also been significantly shortened. In addition, electric forklifts have many advantages over internal combustion forklifts, such as high technological content, easy maintenance, cleanliness and environmental protection. Experts predict that the new generation of electric forklifts will not only have stronger maintenance performance and operability, but also have more complete display and fault diagnosis systems.

NEOlift multi-directional forklift
2.Specialization and variety
The establishment of automated warehousing systems and large shopping malls has stimulated the growth of demand for indoor handling machinery. Various types of electric storage forklifts, such as high-performance electric forklifts, reach-type electric forklifts, and narrow-aisle electric forklifts, are very popular in the market. Because electric storage forklifts help users to replace human labor with machine operations to a large extent, improving production efficiency.

3. Electronicization and intelligence
Electric forklifts have gradually entered the international market. The square and pointed appearance of old-fashioned forklifts is being replaced by the arc-shaped appearance of streamlined electric forklifts, which greatly broadens the forklift driver's vision and improves operational safety. New electric forklifts will pay more attention to ergonomics and improve operating comfort. Research shows that the delicate layout of the inner wall of the forklift cab is conducive to improving productivity. If all controls of future forklifts can be arranged and designed according to ergonomics, drivers will be more comfortable in operation and can concentrate more on their work.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection
Forklifts are divided into internal combustion forklifts and electric forklifts based on power. Internal combustion forklifts are powered by internal combustion engines, which are powerful and widely applicable. However, they have large emissions and noise pollution and are harmful to human health. Electric forklifts are popular in the market because of their low emissions and low noise. The use of AC motors has made a qualitative leap in battery forklifts. Electric forklifts generate less heat and are more efficient during work, completely overcoming the shortcomings of DC motors such as high heat generation, low efficiency, and frequent maintenance. In addition, the development of fast charging technology is becoming increasingly mature, and the charging current can reach more than 4 times the traditional charging current, with shorter charging time and higher efficiency.



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