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NEOlift launches a new type heavy-duty diesel forklift

Time : 2023-10-08 Hits : 1

Our new heavy-duty 7-ton diesel forklift is about to be delivered to European customers. The new heavy-duty forklift adopts a new design concept, is more safe and efficient, and uses a Euro V engine to comply with European environmental protection requirements. Lifting height 3 meters, hydraulic side shifter, semi-enclosed cab.


The new heavy-duty diesel forklift mainly has the following features;
1.Energy saving
Through a series of technological innovations. Use supercharged diesel engine. Energy-saving lighting system. Optimized transmission. Improved forklift efficiency. Reduced energy consumption.
Using a new steering system, the system is more energy-saving. Effectively reduces system heat. Improve the working efficiency of the entire vehicle. At the same time, the lifting speed of the entire vehicle is increased by about 15%.
Highly efficient and energy-saving lighting system. Using LED luminous body and new emitting mirror, it saves energy. At the same time, the performance and service life of the lamps are greatly improved.
Optimize the transmission system. Effectively increase the maximum driving speed of forklifts. The growth rate is about 20%.
2.Environmental friendly
Take effective environmental protection measures to reduce external radiation noise. Reduce noise pollution to the environment.
The optional Yuchai Euro V engine meets European environmental protection requirements.
The entire vehicle is made of environmentally friendly materials. Reduce damage to the environment.
Spacious operating space and space for loading and unloading. The new instrument system, steering wheel, parking brake, and brake micro-control bring the operator a completely new driving experience. The use of high-configuration seats makes operation more comfortable and reduces driver fatigue.
Adopts a newly developed transaxle. Through various means, the reliability of the drive axle has been significantly improved, and the possibility of oil and water entering the brake drum has been eliminated. Wet brakes and imported brakes can be configured.
Various measures have been taken to improve the reliability of the electrical system. For example, 95% of the connectors in the entire vehicle adopt a waterproof structure. Components such as fuses and relays are placed in the control box. Start the battery away from heat sources, newly developed combination switches, etc.
Newly developed seat. Emphasize the support and wrapping of the seat. At the same time, the seat sensing system can be configured to provide excellent safety performance.
Safety throttling device for mast piping system. It can effectively prevent the mast from losing control under any circumstances.
The opening of the inner and outer masts is enlarged. Effectively improve driver's vision.
The new exterior design conforms to the latest exterior design trends.
The use of large injection molding covering parts and large metal sheet stamping parts. Make the appearance of the vehicle more humane.




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