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A new batch of diesel forklifts is about to be shipped to Europe.

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Our company's new batch of diesel forklifts will soon be sent to an old customer in Europe. This customer is our old friend in Europe. This is the customer's third purchase. The feedback of our forklifts in the European market is very good. Customers are very satisfied with our forklifts. Very satisfied with the quality. The customer purchased six forklifts equipped with Euro V engines this time, two each of 2.5-ton, 3-ton and 3.5-ton forklifts. This time the customer decided to be our regional agent in Europe, and we have granted the customer agency authority. It is hoped that both parties can conduct more friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation in the future.

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Why do customers choose NEOlift?

NEOlift is China's leading forklift manufacturer. NEOlift's product performance is safe and reliable. The performance of forklifts mainly includes the following items: loading performance, traction performance, braking performance, stability, maneuverability, passing performance, and ease and comfort of operation. .

1.Handling performance:

It reflects the lifting capacity and operating efficiency of the forklift and is an important factor in determining the productivity of the forklift. It is often characterized by technical parameters such as rated lifting capacity, load center distance, maximum lifting height, free lifting height, lifting and descending speed, front and rear inclination of the portal frame, etc.

2. Traction performance:

It reflects the driving ability of the forklift, which is often manifested in the maximum driving speed of full load and no load, the maximum climbing angle and hook traction force of full load and no load. It has a great impact on the productivity of forklifts, especially when the transportation distance in the freight yard is long.

3. Braking performance:

It reflects the forklift's ability to quickly decelerate and stop while driving, and determines the safety of the forklift operation.

4. Stability:

Refers to the forklift's ability to resist tipping under various working conditions, and is a necessary condition to ensure the safety of forklift operations. Relevant standards stipulate that forklifts must undergo longitudinal and lateral stability tests, and they can be sold only after passing all tests.

5. Mobility:

It reflects the forklift's flexible turning and operating capabilities in narrow passages and sites, and is related to the forklift's adaptability to the workplace and the utilization of warehouses and goods yards. Technical parameters related to maneuverability include smaller turning radius, smaller right-angle channel width, smaller stacking channel width, etc.

6. It reflects the forklift's ability to overcome road obstacles and pass through various walkways and entrances. Technical parameters representing the passability of forklifts include: minimum ground clearance, height and width of profiles, etc.

7. The layout of each operating part of the forklift and the driver's seat should comply with ergonomic requirements. The operating force and stroke of each operating handle and pedal should be within the physical capacity range to prevent the driver from over-fatigue and have a good working field of view and Comfortable riding environment.


In short, NEOlift attaches great importance to product quality and safety and always puts product quality and safety first in the company's development. Only when the quality and safety performance of products are recognized by customers can the company develop in the long term and continue to grow and develop.



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