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A new seated reach truck will be shipped to customers in the Middle East soon

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NEOlift is China's leading manufacturer of electric storage equipment. Our company's electric storage equipment mainly includes electric trucks, electric stackers, reach trucks, electric counterbalanced forklifts, VNA forklifts and long material forklifts, etc. At the same time, our company can also carry out non-standard customization according to customer requirements. Our electric storage trucks have been exported to more than 60 countries in Asia, Europe, and America, and are well recognized by our customers.

  • Seated reach truck

Our company successfully launched a new type of reach truck, which was recognized and highly praised by customers in the Middle East as soon as it was launched. The customer is a forklift agent in the Middle East. The customer purchased a forward reach truck for marketing and will have long-term cooperation with our company in the field of warehousing forklifts.


Advantages of reach truck:

1. When a reach truck is forking goods, the mast can be extended and retracted when walking, thereby reducing the turning radius of the forklift and ensuring the stability of the forklift during operation.

2. Reach trucks are different from ordinary stackers. Its mast can drive the cargo forks forward and extend beyond the front wheels to pick up or stack cargo. When walking, the cargo forks are retracted with the cargo so that the center of gravity of the cargo is within the support surface, ensuring the safety of handling and stacking cargo.

3. The reach truck has two forward-extending outriggers. The outriggers are higher and there are two wheels at the front of the outriggers. The function of the outriggers is to ensure the stability of the load. The mast can move the entire lifting mechanism along the track on the inside of the leg, so that the cargo fork can be lifted slightly to a certain height before being retracted after picking up the goods, ensuring the stability of the truck during operation. The center of gravity falls within the support plane of the vehicle, so stability is very good. Suitable for operations in workshops and warehouses.

4. The reach truck has a small lifting capacity and is driven by an electric motor. The mast of a reach truck can move forward along the rails on the inside of the legs with the lifting mechanism to facilitate the picking up of goods. After forking the goods, the mast is raised a short distance and returns to its original position along the rails on the inside of the legs. When the mast is raised to the top, the volume and dead weight will not increase much, and the center of gravity of the load will fall outside of the fulcrum. This kind of reach truck has the advantages of operational flexibility and high load, better balance and stability, and can save space and reduce the turning radius. It is suitable for indoor warehouse handling and loading operations with narrow aisles. 


Our new reach truck adopts a new design structure that is more ergonomic. At the same time, the stability design of vehicle operation is strengthened, making vehicle operation and operation safer. High-configuration seats can relieve the driver's operating fatigue. The mast has a wider field of view, which greatly increases safety. We have strict control over safety and quality and are trustworthy.



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