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NEOlift continues to steadily explore the European market with good reputation

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The European market, because of its stringent emission standards and stringent engine requirements, has discouraged major Chinese manufacturers, especially internal combustion forklifts, including diesel forklift and LPG forklifts. However, in the face of such a high-quality market, NEOlift faced the difficulties and constantly sought technological breakthroughs, and finally met the needs of the European market. This order comes from our earliest cooperation agreement with the Bulgarian customer, from the first attempt to the final complete trust, NEOlift and the customer have a lot of ideas to share with you.


From Customer:

The European market has always been the main battlefield for major manufacturers because of its high-quality customer resources and huge demand for forklifts. There are many Chinese brands and the quality is also uneven, which means that the market competition is unprecedented. If you want to survive in the European market, you need to make progress. Here I will give some suggestions for exploring the European market:

1. Market research: Understand the demand and competition of the European market. Study the internal combustion forklift market size, growth trends, key competitors, and customer needs in different countries and regions. This helps you identify potential opportunities and market positioning.

2. Meet the regulatory requirements: Understand the regulations and standards of European countries for internal combustion forklifts. Ensure that your products comply with relevant regulations and safety standards, such as European CE certification. This is a prerequisite for entering the European market.

3. Find a partner: Consider forming a partnership with a local distributor, reseller or partner. These partners can help you understand the market, promote your products, provide after-sales service, and build a sales network.

4. Adapt to market needs: Adjust your product mix and pricing strategy according to the characteristics and needs of the European market. Make sure your diesel forklift meets European market standards and offers functions and features tailored to local customer needs.

5. Establish after-sales service network: Providing good after-sales service and technical support is one of the key factors for success in the European market. Establish a reliable after-sales service network to ensure that customers can get timely maintenance support and spare parts supply after purchase.

6. Marketing and brand building: Carry out effective marketing activities to increase your brand awareness. Attend trade shows, exhibitions and technical conferences to connect with potential customers and showcase your products. At the same time, digital marketing tools such as online advertising and social media can also help you expand your brand influence.

7. Continuous innovation and improvement: Continuous improvement of product quality, technological innovation and cost-effectiveness are the basis for maintaining competitiveness in the highly competitive European market. Pay attention to market trends and customer feedback, and continuously improve product performance, design and functionality to meet customer needs.


From NEOlift:

The reason why our products are praised by all customers is not only because of its excellent appearance design, but also because of its high quality, which has withstood the test of various markets, below we will introduce our quality advantages:

1. Comply with European standards: The European market has high requirements for product quality and safety, ensuring that your internal combustion forklift meets European standards and regulations. This includes compliance with CE certification requirements, compliance with the European Machinery Directive, etc.

2. Quality control: Establish a strict quality control system to ensure that every forklift produced meets high standards. The use of high-quality parts, processes and manufacturing technology, and comprehensive quality checks and tests to ensure the stability and consistency of product quality.

3. Technological innovation: Invest in R&D and innovation to launch competitive internal combustion forklift products. Focus on environmental, energy saving and efficiency technology trends, such as the adoption of low-emission engines, intelligent control systems and fuel economy.

4. Customer service: Provide high-quality after-sales service and support, establish a reliable service network. To provide customers with training, maintenance, spare parts supply and other comprehensive support to ensure customer satisfaction and long-term reliability of products.

5. Certificate recognition and exhibition: Obtain relevant certifications and qualification certificates, such as ISO 9001 quality management system certification, to enhance the reputation of product quality and market competitiveness. In addition, attend relevant forklift shows and trade show events to network with potential customers and showcase your products and advantages.




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