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4 units of electric forklifts will be shipped to Russia

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Last year we successfully developed the Russian market. Due to the good operation of a batch of our electric forklifts in Russia, the quality of our forklifts has also been unanimously recognized and praised by Russian customers. More and more Russian customers choose NEOlift’s forklifts. Customer recognition is the driving force and foundation for our continuous progress. NEOlift is China's leading electric storage equipment manufacturer with more than ten years of industry experience. The quality of our products has undergone strict market inspections and has received high market praise.Electric forklifts
Why choose NEOlift electric forklift?
1. In line with ergonomic design concept
The longer wheelbase and the fact that the cab is detached from the frame result in quieter operation when traveling over rough terrain. Therefore, for the driver, electric counterbalanced forklifts provide a high level of working comfort. There is more operating space and more legroom for the driver. At the same time, the wide-view mast design improves the driver's comprehensive view of the transported goods and the vehicle environment, increasing operational safety. The new comfortable seat effectively reduces operator fatigue while driving.
2. Save resources and reduce carbon emissions
NEOlift electric counterbalanced forklift is a low-energy-consuming daily handling vehicle. During the handling stage, it meets the needs of different corporate customers. Compared to diesel forklifts, electric forklifts do not emit any exhaust fumes. Therefore, there will be no smoke and fine dust pollution. Calculated over its entire service life, in addition to low carbon emissions, the battery used by an electric counterbalanced forklift can be replaced only once every 3-5 years, which greatly reduces the cost of use.
3. Save resources and help companies save operating costs
The NEOlift electric counterbalanced forklift is an ideal handling vehicle in the warehouse. In the daily handling process, it can not only save a lot of labor costs for operations, but also save the company's budget. Under normal circumstances, it only needs a short charge to maintain energy consumption for a whole day, which can indeed help enterprises save time and worry.
4.Application scope
Widely used in ports, stations, airports, freight yards, factory workshops, warehouses, circulation centers and distribution centers, etc., for loading, unloading and handling of palletized goods in cabins, carriages and containers. It is indispensable in pallet transportation and container transportation. equipment.

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