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Factory tour for Indonesian customers

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The Southeast Asian market is one of the earliest markets developed by NEOlift, which enjoys a certain reputation in Southeast Asia, and its products are generally accepted and trusted by local customers. With the deepening of business contacts,NEOlift welcomed a group of Indonesian customers to visit the factory. At the scene, our technicians introduced the products in detail one by one, and customers also tested our various products, such as electric counterbalance forklfit,standing type electric reach truck,VNA pallet stacker etc., and gave high praise.

VNA forklilft

All series of NEOlift products are the products of continuous improvement and debugging under the test of the market, and the technology and design are quite mature. NEOlift has always adhered to the concept of quality first, customer first, and constantly work together with customers. After the visit, customers expressed their opinions on NEOlift's products:

1. Excellent design and manufacturing quality: the design and manufacturing quality of forklifts is one of the main factors affecting their quality. High quality forklifts are designed and manufactured by experienced manufacturers, following relevant engineering standards and quality control processes.

2. High-quality materials and parts: The use of high-quality materials and parts can improve the quality and durability of forklifts. Key components, such as engines, drivetrains, hydraulics and tires, should be sourced from reliable suppliers.

3. Excellent technology and innovation: Advanced technology and innovation can improve the performance and reliability of forklifts. For example, forklifts with electric drive systems and electronic control systems may be more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and have more functions than traditional internal combustion engine forklifts.

4. Good manufacturer reputation and quality assurance: Choosing well-known and reputable forklift manufacturers can provide higher quality assurance and after-sales service to ensure the quality and reliability of forklifts.

VNA forklilft

Customer suggestions for forklift use:

1. Maintenance and maintenance: Regular maintenance and maintenance is crucial to the quality and life of the forklift. Regular inspection and replacement of critical components, lubrication system and hydraulic system maintenance can reduce failure rates and ensure stable performance of the forklift.

2. Operation and use environment: the use environment and operating conditions of the forklift will also affect its quality. Harsh working environments, such as high temperature, low temperature, corrosive substances and heavy loads, can lead to increased wear and tear of forklift components, reducing their quality and life.

3. Training and operator skills: The operation and maintenance of forklift trucks should be carried out by specially trained operators. Qualified operators can operate the forklift properly and follow safe operating procedures to reduce the risk of accidents and damage.

VNA forklilft




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