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A VNA forklift will be shipped to Southeast Asia soon

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A 1.5-ton 5-meter stand-up VNA forklift will be shipped to Indonesian customers soon. The forklift is equipped with a 48V400Ah lead-acid battery and uses a Curtis controller. It is powerful, safe and reliable and will soon serve Indonesian customers. This customer is engaged in the electronic device industry and has very strict requirements for intensive warehousing. After inspecting our factory last year, he was very satisfied with our products and signed a cooperation agreement with us.

NEO VNA forklift
NEOlift VNA forklifts have the following features:
Excellent performance and excellent efficiency greatly reduce the driver's burden, comfortable and convenient getting on and off, adjustable height and weight, comfortable shock-absorbing seats, imitation car design pedal arrangement, large cargo area, clear contours, the latest ergonomic design Operate equipment to make driving operations quick and efficient.
Ergonomic operating unit, thumb controls hydraulic lifting, lowering, steering and cargo lifting functions.
Integrated convenient steering wheel for safe and precise operation
Soft cushions on the sides are safe and comfortable, helping to eliminate fatigue.
Information transfer is achieved through a graphic display. Important operating information is displayed quickly and reliably in the form of pictograms.

NEO VNA forklift



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