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The difference between electric forklifts and internal combustion forklifts

2024-03-01 16:33:02

There are two main types of forklifts on the market: electric forklifts and fuel forklifts. Many people think that these two types of equipment are the same except for their different power sources. In fact, there are still big differences between electric forklifts and fuel forklifts. The following is a brief introduction to the differences between the two devices to facilitate your choice.

1.Characteristics and working environment of fuel forklifts:

(1) Counterbalanced diesel forklifts: larger in size, but with good stability, suitable for heavy loads, unlimited use time, and generally used outdoors. Compared with gasoline engines, diesel engines have better power (not easy to stall at low speeds, strong overload capability, and long-term operation capabilities) and low fuel costs. However, it has large vibration, noise, large exhaust volume, heavy weight, high price, and the load weight can range from 0.5 tons to 45 tons.

NEOlift diesel forklift

(2) Balanced weight gasoline fork: It is larger in size, but has good stability, is suitable for heavy loads, has no limit on use time, and is generally used outdoors. The gasoline engine has a small appearance, light weight, high output power, low operating noise and vibration, and is low in price. However, the gasoline engine has poor overload capacity and long-term operation ability, and the fuel cost is quite high. The load weight can be from 0.5 tons to 4.5 tons.

NEOlift gasoline forklift

(3) A counterbalanced liquefied petroleum gas forklift is a counterweighted gasoline forklift equipped with a liquefied petroleum gas conversion device, which becomes an LPG forklift. The conversion switch can switch between gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas. The advantages of forklifts are good exhaust emissions, carbon monoxide (CO) emissions are significantly less than gasoline engines, and low fuel costs (15KG of liquefied gas is equivalent to 20 liters of gasoline). They are suitable for indoor operations with high environmental requirements.

NEOlift LPG forklift

2. Characteristics and working environment of electric forklifts:

(1) Electric pallet truck: The main function of electric pallet truck is to move pallet goods from point to point on the plane. Therefore, there is no mast lifting system, and it is suitable for places that focus on transportation and do not require stacking. There are three types of stacking sites: self-propelled, stand-up and ride-on, with different costs.

NEOlift pallet truck

(2) Electric pallet stacker: The electric pallet stacker is a lightweight indoor lifting and stacking equipment that focuses on the stacking function because the body is lightweight. Suitable for handling light and small materials in floor-type warehouses or other narrow places.

NEOlift pallet stacker

(3) Reach truck: The lifting mechanism of the reach truck can move forward and backward in the longitudinal direction of the forklift. When picking up goods. The center of gravity of the cargo falls within the four pivot points formed by the wheels. Therefore, the reach-type forklift has good flexibility, high lifting safety and stability. Its load range is usually 1-2.5 tons, and its lifting height can reach 12 meters. But because the wheels are smaller. The passability is limited, and because of the complex structure and high cost, it is suitable for places with narrow space and high lifting height requirements, and is mostly used in high-rise storage warehouses.

NEOlift reach truck

(4) Multi-directional electric forklift: A multi-directional  electric forklift can travel in all directions. In addition to having the main characteristics of a counterbalanced forklift, the three wheels can travel in one direction at any angle. Therefore, this model has flexible steering and can be used to fork goods. Afterwards, the forklift can be turned in place and moved in any direction according to site restrictions. This model solves the problem of turning long materials in narrow spaces, greatly saving space, and can achieve diagonal stacking and disassembly in trains and car compartments.

NEOlift multi-directional forklift

In general, electric forklifts are easier to operate than fuel forklifts, are energy-saving and efficient, and have non-pollution characteristics, which are more in line with the current energy-saving, environmentally friendly and pollution-free characteristics; while fuel forklift equipment is more stable and easy to use. Time will not be limited. When choosing, you can choose the appropriate type of equipment according to your own use environment and needs.

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