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Four major advantages of electric forklifts

2024-02-20 15:37:22

In the current era of rapid development of modern logistics and warehousing, forklifts, known as the "God of Handling", play a huge role in this field. In recent years, electric forklifts have gradually entered people's field of vision and are increasingly favored by users. my country's electric forklifts also have broad market prospects and development space. Below we will introduce to you the four major advantages of electric forklifts.

NEOlift Electric Forklift

1.Environmental protection and energy saving In terms of environmental protection and energy saving, electric forklifts have great advantages, because electric forklifts not only do not produce exhaust emissions, but also have the advantages of ultra-low noise and ultra-low vibration when running.

2. The operation control is simple and flexible. The operating intensity of electric forklift operators is much lighter than that of internal combustion forklifts, because its electric steering system, acceleration control system, hydraulic control system and braking system are all controlled by electrical signals, which is very convenient. The labor intensity of operators is reduced to a great extent. In this way, electric forklifts are also very helpful in improving personnel work efficiency and work accuracy.

NEOlift Electric Forklift

3. Less time is required for maintenance. The maintenance intervals of electric forklifts are longer and the time required for each maintenance is shorter, which greatly saves maintenance costs. In addition, more substantively, the downtime of the forklift has been greatly shortened, thereby improving the working efficiency of the forklift. The economic benefits brought by this are difficult for us to calculate.

4. Long service life: The service life of the electric forklift battery is 1,500 charge and discharge cycles and can work for about 10,000 hours, which is equivalent to the engine overhaul time of an internal combustion forklift. Although the replacement cost of an electric forklift battery is similar to the cost of engine overhaul, the battery replacement speed of an electric forklift is much faster than the engine overhaul of an internal combustion forklift. Therefore, the time efficiency advantage of an electric forklift is significantly better than that of an internal combustion forklift.

NEOlift Electric Forklift

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