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Features of rough terrain diesel forklifts

2024-03-15 18:23:41

A rough terrain forklift is an engineering vehicle that can safely load, unload, stack and transport cargo on slopes and uneven surfaces. Like a counterbalanced forklift, it can be equipped with forks or replaced with a variety of attachments to improve operating efficiency.
NEOlift rough terrain forklift has good passability and off-road all-wheel drive; the wide mast design has the best visibility, strength and reliability, making handling and transportation easier than ever.
The larger wheelbase and wheel distance increase the lateral and longitudinal stability of the forklift, giving it greater stability and lifting capabilities in rough working environments. In addition, it has good maneuverability, good driving acceleration and superior climbing ability.

NEOlift rough terrain forklift
A four-wheel drive rough terrain forklift is a specially designed forklift that can perform efficient handling operations in harsh environments. Due to its four-wheel drive and powerful torque output, the four-wheel drive rough terrain forklift can be used in the following environments:
Uneven terrain: Four-wheel drive rough terrain forklifts are suitable for driving on muddy and rugged roads, such as construction sites, quarries, mines and other terrains. Its strong passing ability and adaptability can easily cope with the challenges of various potholes and bumpy roads.
Humid environment: The four-wheel drive rough terrain forklift is waterproof and dustproof and can work in humid environments for a long time, such as docks, wetlands, swamps and other places. It can maintain efficient and stable working performance and is not affected by water vapor and moisture. Desert environment: Four-wheel drive rough terrain forklifts can also perform excellently in the desert and can cope with extreme weather conditions such as high temperatures and sandstorms. Its powerful driving force and suspension system enable it to travel quickly in the desert and carry cargo stably.
Snow environment: In snow-covered areas, four-wheel drive rough terrain forklifts can quickly cross snow and icy roads to ensure timely transportation of goods. Its superior traction and control allow it to work safely and efficiently on icy and snowy roads.
High-altitude environment: Four-wheel drive rough terrain forklifts are also suitable for high-altitude areas, such as mountainous areas, plateaus and other terrains. It has strong power output and the ability to adapt to thin oxygen environments, allowing it to maintain efficient operating performance in high-altitude environments.
In general, the four-wheel drive rough terrain forklift is a special forklift suitable for various harsh environments. Its powerful performance and stability make it capable of various complex operating tasks. It has wide application prospects in industry, mining, construction and other industries, and can provide users with efficient handling solutions.

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