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The development trend of unmanned forklifts

2024-03-29 17:22:12

What is an unmanned forklift?
"Unmanned forklift", also known as "unmanned forklift" or "forklift AGV", is an intelligent industrial vehicle robot that combines forklift technology and AGV technology. Compared with ordinary AGV, it can complete point-to-point material handling. In addition, it can realize logistics transportation that connects multiple production links. It is not only good at high-level warehouses, outside receiving areas, and production line transfers, but also plays an irreplaceable role in heavy-load, special handling and other scenarios. Through the application of unmanned forklifts, problems such as large material flow and high labor intensity of manual handling during industrial production and warehousing and logistics operations can be solved.

NEOlift AGV forklift
Development trends of unmanned forklift industry
1. Large-scale and high-speed
Large-scale means that the capabilities and scale of equipment will become larger and larger in the future. High-speed refers to the greatly accelerated speed of equipment operation, operation, identification, and calculation. Moreover, on the premise of ensuring product safety, the load capacity, lifting and operating speed will also be upgraded.
2. Practical and lightweight
Considering that unmanned forklifts are usually used in complex scenarios, and their work is also determined according to the rhythm of the production line, they should be easy to operate and maintain, have trouble-free performance, durability, economic applicability, and high safety, environmental protection, and reliability. Therefore, industry insiders predict that the structure of future unmanned forklifts will be more simplified, and performance and structure will also be optimized.

NEOlift AGV forklift
3.Specialization and standardization
As market demand continues to change, the types of unmanned forklifts will become more diverse, and handling activities will become more systematic and faster. In the future, unmanned forklift manufacturers will pay more attention to standardization.
4. Complete and systematic
Only when the equipment that makes up the production system is matched in complete sets, the production process will be more economical and effective. Based on the forklift AGV, its central control system seamlessly connects and coordinates with other systems such as MES, ERP, and RFID to maximize the benefits of the entire production process. For this reason, complete sets and systematization are the development trends of future intelligent unmanned forklifts.

NEOlift AGV forklift

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