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Precautions when using warehouse electric forklifts.

2024-01-09 13:15:17

Ⅰ:Things to note when using warehouse electric forklifts.
1. When starting the forklift or reversing, you should pay attention to the surrounding environment. If there are people nearby, please signal to avoid them.
2. Try to avoid areas with slippery floors. Pay attention to the driving speed, as the ground is slippery and can easily cause sideslip.
3. When a forklift is operating at the entrance and exit of a warehouse or inside a house, it should slow down when it encounters uneven or inclined roads (iron plates). Otherwise, it is easy to damage the ground and the forklift wheels, and may cause the goods to collapse, damage the building, and injure people. Wait for accidents, so you should pay full attention to
4. Warehouse electric forklifts should slow down when turning, pay attention to the contact and collision between the goods in front and the rear of the vehicle body, and turn slowly.
5. When the warehouse electric forklift forks goods onto the shelves, you should slow down and pay attention to the rising height of the double forks. When approaching the goods, you should stop first. After seeing the position clearly, slowly insert the double forks into the goods. The double forks should be inserted parallelly and cannot be operated by crossing the pallet and twisting it.
6. When loading and unloading goods, dragging pallets on the ground will cause scratches on the ground.
7. When vehicles enter and exit the container to load and unload goods, they should slow down, pay attention to the entry and exit height, and do not let the goods hit the roof to avoid damage to the goods.
8. When electric forklifts are operating in warehouses, avoid driving and lifting operations at the same time.
9. It is strictly prohibited to play on the forklift or use the forklift as a means of transportation. Non-drivers are strictly prohibited from sitting on the vehicle while it is in motion.
10. If any abnormality is found in the forklift, stop it immediately for inspection.

warehouse electric forklift
Ⅱ: Things to note after using warehouse electric forklifts:
1. Forklifts must be parked in designated locations. Parking in aisles is strictly prohibited. Parking on uneven slopes is prohibited. Violators will be subject to heavy fines.
2. Before parking, be sure to adjust the height of the teeth to about 10CM above the ground (not higher than 15CM and not lower than 5CM). The tips of the teeth are tilted downward. Be sure to brake the car and turn off the power. If you have a key, you must take it out and give it to the custodian of the electric vehicle.
3. Forklifts should undergo daily and weekly maintenance on time. Distilled water should be added to the battery fluid in time. Check whether water needs to be added according to the display of the buoy. If there is no buoy, check whether the distilled water is level with the bottom of the distilled water bottle. If it is lower than the bottom of the distilled water bottle, add water. When adding water, it must not exceed the distilled water bottle. Bottom of the bottle!!!
4. When the forklift battery is almost exhausted, it must be charged in time and parked in the charging area for charging. Pay attention to safety when charging (check whether the wires and charging socket are damaged, use them only if they are intact, and leave only when everything is correct).

warehouse electric forklifts

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