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Three-wheel mini electric forklift operation precautions NEOlift tips.

2024-01-03 15:44:27

Operating procedures are formulated in order to ensure that the driver of the three-pivot electric forklift can operate the forklift safely, accurately, standardly and effectively.
(1) Only drivers who have been trained and hold a driving license can drive;
(2) The load curve table of the forklift must be read carefully before operation. The load should not exceed the specified value during transportation. The spacing and position of the forks should be adjusted appropriately. The forks must be fully inserted under the goods so that the goods are evenly distributed on the forks to avoid Unbalanced load; pay attention to safety when adjusting the fork spacing to avoid dangers such as pinching hands;
(3) Operators should wear protective shoes, hats, clothing and gloves when operating;
(4) No items may be installed on the ceiling or around the vehicle body that may affect control and visibility;
(5) During use, attention should be paid to the performance and working status of the mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and speed regulators;
(6) Turn on the power, first turn on the key switch, select the position of the direction switch, turn the steering wheel to see if the vehicle rotates normally, and slowly depress the speed pedal to maintain appropriate starting acceleration;
(7) Pay attention to the amount of electricity shown on the battery meter. When the forklift is working, if the amount of electricity shown on the meter is insufficient, stop operation immediately and charge the battery or replace the battery pack with a sufficient amount of electricity;

three pivot electric forklift
(8) Start, turn, drive, brake and stop smoothly, and must slow down when turning on wet or slippery roads;
(9) Be extra careful and drive slowly when driving on docks or temporary auxiliary boards; it is strictly forbidden to stand under the cargo forks, and it is forbidden to stand on the cargo forks to lift;
(10) When lifting and lowering goods, the initial speed should not be too fast;
(11) It is strictly prohibited to operate the vehicle and accessories from positions other than the driver's seat. You must fully understand the function of the control lever before operating. You must sit upright when driving a forklift and do not extend your hands or feet outside the vehicle;
(12) When the fork frame is tilted forward or backward to the extreme position or the fork is raised to the maximum height, the control lever must be quickly returned to the middle position;
(13) When loading, the goods should be kept as low as possible, and the fork frame should be tilted backward; when the mast is raised, driving or turning is not allowed;
(14) When driving, pay attention to pedestrians, obstacles and potholes on the road, and pay attention to the gap above the forklift. It is strictly prohibited for forklifts to drive on soft ground, uneven ground, and platforms and scaffoldings with unknown safe carrying capacity. Do not pass through exposed cables, pipes, or trenches with openings greater than 5cm;
(15) Be careful when driving on a slope. When driving on a slope larger than 5 meters, you should drive forward when going uphill and drive backward when going downhill. Do not turn when going uphill or downhill. Do not perform loading and unloading operations when the forklift is driving downhill;
(16) For high-lift forklifts with a lifting height greater than 3.3m, care should be taken to prevent the goods above from falling, and protective measures should be taken if necessary;

three pivot electric forklift
(17) Do not carry unfixed or loosely stacked goods, and be careful when handling larger goods. When moving goods, pay attention to the firmness of pallets and shelves. Do not place heavy objects on damaged shelves, and do not lift goods with a single fork;
(18) Avoid operations that may cause the forklift to overturn, such as sudden starts, sudden braking, sudden reversing, sharp turns while driving fast, etc.;
(19) When leaving the vehicle, lower the fork to the ground, put the gear handle in neutral, disconnect the power supply, and pull the parking brake device. When parking for a long time, you must use wedges to cushion the wheels;
(20) The safety valve pressure of the multi-way valve and the safety valve pressure of the steering gear have been adjusted before the forklift leaves the factory. Users should not adjust it at will during use to avoid excessive pressure adjustment, which may cause damage to the entire hydraulic system and burn out the motor;
(21) The maximum noise value outside the forklift is not greater than 80dB(A), and the test method is according to JB/T3300; uneven roads will increase the noise;
(22) When a forklift with attachments is running empty, it should be operated as a loaded forklift;
(23) Users are not allowed to install attachments. The installation of attachments must be approved and guided by the manufacturer, and the manufacturer must calculate the rated lifting weight after adding the attachments. The manufacturer will not be responsible for any unauthorized installation of attachments and other ancillary devices. We do not assume any responsibility for malfunctions and accidents caused by this product. Be sure to pay attention to safety when replacing attachments to avoid dangers such as pinching your hands;
(24) The overhead guard is designed to protect the driver from injuries caused by falling heavy objects. The design of the overhead guard complies with the requirements of GB5143-2001. Therefore, users are not allowed to remove the overhead guard at will during use, especially When performing high stacking operations or handling high or multiple stacked unit loads, an overhead guard must be used;
(25) Since the three-fulcrum electric forklift is rear-wheel drive, the road surface should be flat and avoid driving and operating on uneven roads;

three pivot electric forklift

(26) If the driver's field of vision is affected by the handling of large goods, auxiliary personnel should direct the operation from under the vehicle to avoid accidents;
(27) The climatic conditions considered in the design of the three-pivot electric forklift are:
Temperature: -5~40℃
Wind speed does not exceed 5m/s
Air humidity is not greater than 90% (temperature 20℃)
Forklift operations outside these climatic conditions should be avoided as much as possible. Strong winds may cause forklifts to become unstable, so avoid using forklifts in windy weather above level 6;
(28) When the forklift fails and needs towing, a towing vehicle with a towing weight greater than 3t can be used for towing. When towing, use the traction rope to hang on the traction hitch behind the counterweight for towing.

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