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Manual hydraulic truck-a good helper for workshop cargo handling

2023-12-15 17:56:02

The manual hydraulic truck is a small, convenient, flexible, large load capacity, strong and durable cargo handling tool, commonly known as the "Di Niu". In addition to the function of transporting goods, in order to facilitate the lifting and landing of goods, the truck has a hydraulic device between the chassis and the wheels, which can easily push the truck under the base of the cargo box, and then use hydraulic pressure to lift the chassis and lift it up. The cargo can be dragged and moved. After arriving at the destination, the chassis is lowered hydraulically, and the cargo also falls to the ground, and the truck can be easily pulled out. The complicated process of manual transportation is eliminated. It is a good helper for moving goods in the workshop.

Application scenarios:
Manual pallet trucks are mainly used in situations where horizontal transportation is required and the place is crowded. Users can choose the most suitable model according to different working conditions. Manual pallet trucks are divided into standard type, quick-lift type, low-level type, galvanized/stainless steel type, paper tube type, electronic weighing type, and 5T heavy-duty type; the carrying capacity is 1.0 to 5.0 tons, and the working channel width is generally 2.3 ~2.8 meters.

The transport truck is also called a small transport tank, a heavy object transporter, and a ground cow. It is mainly used to transport various types of machinery or other heavy objects. It can be used with lifting tools such as jacks and hand-cranked shoulder jacks to reduce labor intensity and improve efficiency. 1. The door frame is made of heavy-duty column steel and is cold-formed. Make the door frame stronger, safer, mobile and easy to operate. 2. The cylinder of the manual hydraulic truck adopts high-precision grinding tube, imported oil seal, and integrated valve core, which is convenient for disassembly and repair. The foot-stepping method improves speed and smoothness and greatly improves safety. 3. The manual hydraulic pallet truck adopts leading plastic spray technology to improve the appearance of the product and increase the durability of the manual hydraulic pallet truck. 4. The manual hydraulic truck is a pollution-free manual hydraulic truck with flexible transportation, flexible operation and small turning radius. 5. Manual hydraulic pallet trucks are suitable for production plants, production workshops, warehousing, stations, docks, airports, etc. They are especially suitable for use in places with fire and explosion protection requirements, such as printing workshops, various oil storages, chemical warehouses and other places. 6. The description of manual hydraulic truck during transportation can not only reduce bumps, scratches, etc., but also reduce the workload and stacking location, greatly improving work efficiency. Obstacle-clearing trucks are mainly used for transportation over obstacles in the transportation journey. Operation, this kind of truck can easily cross obstacles, will not harm the truck and is simple to operate; features of manual hydraulic truck: the oil pump is an integral sealed type, and the key components are imported from Germany. It has overload protection and eliminates the disadvantages of oil leakage. The large and small piston rods are chrome-plated and have a solid structure, overload protection and descending speed control. The valve core is an integral part, which is different from scattered parts and is easy to maintain, thus making the car more suitable for market demand. The moving parts are equipped with alloy bushings, which can absorb eccentric loads, resist wear, extend service life and are easy to replace. Nylon entry and exit rollers reduce operator forces and protect load-protected wheels and forks; sealed oil pump with manual descent control valve, high-performance profile steel and structural forks, raise, lower , move the adjustment handle in three positions, and add lubricating oil to each moving part.

Perform routine inspections every day, eliminate abnormalities in time, and do not use a faulty car to extend its service life. If there is a fault, professionals should be asked to troubleshoot it. At the same time, if parts need to be replaced, the parts should be provided by the manufacturer. Add motor oil to each rotating joint every three months. Pay special attention to the wheels and shafts not to be entangled in debris, and keep all wheels rotating lightly to meet safety requirements.

Manual hydraulic trucks are the most commonly used handling tools in factories, warehouses, and workshops. They are known as "Divine" because of their simple shape and powerful functions. However, this simple device often has problems of one kind or another, such as slow rise and slow fall. Or it won't rise at all.
When it doesn't rise, many people think it's broken. In fact, this is not the case. In many cases, there is just air in the oil pump of a manual hydraulic vehicle, causing the hydraulic pressure to not rise or rise slowly! At this time, you only need to simply remove the air to keep the manual truck intact.
The method of exhausting air is very simple. Let me introduce to you:
Manual trucks generally have three gears
1. There is a positioning gear in the middle. In this gear, the car neither rises nor falls.
2. Pushing it upward is neutral, which is the downward gear and pressure relief gear.
3. Push it down to put it into gear or close the oil seal to allow the hydraulic pressure to increase.
We only need to shift the gear in gear upwards, and then press the handle a few times as usual. At this time, although the car body will not rise, it can effectively remove the air in the pump body. After about 10-20 presses, the air will be exhausted. Make the ascent faster and more powerful!

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