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Electric forklift structure diagram and principle

2024-04-18 14:37:54

The working part of the forklift is a direct working mechanism that directly bears the entire cargo weight and completes the forking, lifting, stacking and other processes of the cargo. It is composed of a working device that directly performs loading and unloading operations and a hydraulic transmission system that controls the action of the working device. Requirements from two aspects: design, manufacturing and different working conditions.

NEOlift electric forklift

The cargo fork is a fork-shaped component that directly carries goods. It is mounted on the fork frame through a hook. The distance between the two cargo forks can be adjusted according to the needs of the operation and is locked by a positioning device.The fork is a structural member welded from steel plates and has a roller set. The inside of the inner mast has a grooved track in the up and down direction. The fork is connected to the inner mast in the same way and can only be operated along the track of the outer mast. Up and down movement. ​
The inner mast is a frame structure composed of two trough-shaped columns and beams assembled and welded. Its lower part is hinged on the drive axle (front axle) of the forklift. With the help of the tilt hydraulic cylinder, the mast can tilt at a certain angle in the front and rear directions. The mast is tilted forward to facilitate loading and unloading of goods, and the purpose of tilting backward is to prevent the goods on the forks from slipping when the forklift is driving.The lower end of the lifting hydraulic cylinder is on the outer mast beam, and the upper end is connected with the inner mast beam and sprocket. One end of the lifting chain is connected to the lower part of the outer mast, and the other end is connected to the fork around the sprocket. When pressure oil is introduced into the hydraulic cylinder, the piston rod moves upward at a speed v and drives the sprocket and the inner mast to move in the same direction. Lifting at speed v, due to the moving pulley principle, the chain affects the fork to lift at a speed of 2v. When the full stroke of the hydraulic cylinder ends, the inner mast is at the extreme position above the outer mast, and the fork is at the extreme position above the inner mast. When the oil pressure is released, components such as cargo or forks will fall down by their own gravity.

NEOlift electric forklift
1. Only drivers who have been trained and hold a driving license can drive;
2. Check each control and alarm device before driving. If damage or defect is found, it should be repaired before operation;
3. The specified load should not be exceeded during transportation. All forks must be inserted under the goods and the goods should be placed evenly on the forks. It is not allowed to use a single fork tip to pick goods;

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