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Correct maintenance measures for electric forklifts

2024-01-30 16:19:36

Electric forklifts play an integral role in the modern logistics and warehousing industry. They are commonly used handling tools in our daily work and play a vital role in improving work efficiency and ensuring work safety. However, to keep your electric forklift in optimal condition and extend its service life, we need to perform regular and correct maintenance.

NEO electric forklift

Maintenance Tips :

1.Replace the air filter air. The filter is an important component of an electric forklift. It can filter out impurities in the air and ensure the normal operation of the engine. Regularly changing the air filter is the first step in maintaining an electric forklift. When replacing, you need to remove the old air filter first, clean the installation location, and then install the new filter. This process requires no special tools, just a Phillips screwdriver to complete.

2. Clean the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system is an important part of the electric forklift, which is responsible for controlling the lifting and tilting of the forklift. After long-term use, the hydraulic system will accumulate some impurities and hydraulic oil, which will affect the normal operation of the hydraulic system. Therefore, regular cleaning of the hydraulic system is a key step in maintaining electric forklifts. When cleaning, you need to open the hydraulic oil tank cover first, clean out the impurities and hydraulic oil inside, and then add new hydraulic oil. The process is simple and requires only a tank cap and the right amount of hydraulic fluid.

3. Check the battery and charging facilities. The battery is the core component of an electric forklift, which is responsible for providing power. If the battery fails, the electric forklift will not function properly. Therefore, it is also very important to regularly check whether the battery and charging facilities are working properly. During inspection, you need to first observe whether the battery is damaged or overheated, and then check whether the charging facility is connected properly. If an abnormality is discovered, it needs to be dealt with in time to ensure the normal operation of the electric forklift. With these simple and easy maintenance tips, your electric forklift will look like new. Not only can it maintain the best working condition, but it can also extend its service life. These maintenance measures do not require professional technicians, just follow the instructions.

NEO electric forklift

In addition, correct maintenance can also reduce repair costs and avoid unnecessary problems. In daily life, we should develop the habit of regular inspection and maintenance of electric forklifts. Although these maintenance measures may seem simple, they can ensure the normal operation of the electric forklift. Let us insist on maintenance together, let the electric forklift play its maximum role in work, and improve our work efficiency and safety.

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