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Walkie stacker

Walkie Stacker - A solution for your warehouse lifting needs.

Have you ever experienced the method that is painful of raising and transporting lots that are hefty? It can be hazardous, tiring, and time-consuming. Nevertheless, utilizing the Neo lift's walkie stacker, you will no longer have to worry about that. It really is an efficient and material that is safe gear which can become being a beneficial asset to your business.


The walkie stacker is definitely a gear that is enhances that are great and safety, saving you a lot of time and power. It will require maintenance this is certainly low includes a low profile, and improves the area easily obtainable in your warehouse. Furthermore, it increases effectiveness, allowing you to go lots faster along with less work. This Neo lift's forklift walkie stacker gear preserves the durability of this load, reduces damage risk, and boosts morale this is why.

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How to Use:

To utilize the walkie stacker, it is vital to understand the fundamentals. First, make sure the battery is correctly and fully charged. Next, switch from the charged power and engage the brake. Once done, adjust the handle to your height this is certainly recommended and in case the security gate is secure. Discover the load you need to move, align these walkie electric stacker devices during the load's center, to check out raise it utilizing the controls. Drive the device together with load to your preferred location, disengage the brake system, and lower the stress. It's so easy.

Service and Quality:

Your walkie stacker is a good investment, so you should just purchase from a supplier this is certainly reputable customer that is excellent and outstanding quality items. Search for suppliers that offer after-sales service, such as for instance routine upkeep and repairs. Also, it is vital to choose products made for durability, efficiency, security, and comfort.

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