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Walkie pallet stacker

Searching for a remedy that is heavy-duty move pallets around your warehouse? Search no further compared to the Walkie Pallet Stacker. This innovation in pallet-moving technology has revolutionized the method that is real handle their stock. Furthermore, Neo lift presents a truly remarkable product, such as, electric pallet stacker. Let us have a closer take a look device that is remarkable and all kinds of for this advantages it has to supply.


The Walkie Pallet Stacker may be the solution that is ultimate companies that need a competent and dependable option to go heavy loads. It is very maneuverable, following its design that is allows that are compact to complement into tight spaces. In addition, customers can't get enough of Neo lift exceptional product, known as, counterbalance pallet stacker. The unit's strong and construction this is certainly sturdy it durable adequate to carry out perhaps the most working that is challenging. But what really sets the Walkie Pallet Stacker apart is its simplicity of use. This machine is incredibly an task that is easy run, and it may keep your workers commitment when moving stock this is certainly hefty.

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How exactly to Use

Using the forklift pallet stacker is incredibly simple. Here is one step by step guide regarding the best way to run it:

1. First, ensure that the product is fully charged and prepared to use.

2. Next, set the unit's speed and way using the gear lever.

3. Utilize the control lever to lift the pallet.

4. Make use of the foot pedal to ahead go the apparatus or backward.

5. When you may be completed utilizing the machine, make sure that it really is correctly parked and secure.


With the Walkie Pallet Stacker, we take pride in our consumer that is service that is excellent. We observe that our products are an part this is certainly important of business, and today we're focused on making sure they are always working at top performance. Our solution that is devoted team constantly readily available to answer your questions and provide you aided by the you want. We provide an assortment of solution packages that will suit you perfectly that are specific to assist you be confident that your machine is definitely running at its best.


At Walkie Pallet Stacker, we are focused on creating devices being top-notch are made to final. We just make use of the greatest materials and also the technology this is certainly latest to ensure our devices are durable, reliable, and efficient. Our items are rigorously tested to make certain to help you make sure your Walkie Pallet Stacker is really an audio investment for your requirements that they meet our high requirements of quality.

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