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A new batch of 3-ton diesel forklifts will be sent to Zimbabwe soon

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A new batch of 3-ton diesel forklifts will soon be sent to a Zimbabwean customer in Africa. The customer is a forklift dealer in Zimbabwe. After continuous exchanges and negotiations, the two parties finally reached a cooperation agreement. The customer conducted an in-depth inspection of our factory and sent two groups of teams to our company for exchanges and learning. Customers have given high praise and recognition to our factory and product quality.
Why do customers choose NEOlift? First of all, NEOlift is China's leading material handling manufacturer with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience. Secondly, NEOlift has a first-class technical team, advanced forklift production technology and a strict quality inspection team to ensure the quality of our forklifts. Third, NEOlift's forklifts are exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world, winning unanimous praise from users and accumulating a high reputation.


Performance of NEOlift diesel forklift:
The performance of forklifts mainly includes loading performance, traction performance, braking performance, stability, maneuverability, passing performance, and operation portability and comfort.
1. Disassembly and assembly performance: This reflects the lifting capacity and work efficiency of the forklift, and is an important factor in determining the work productivity of the forklift. It is usually expressed by technical parameters such as rated weight, load center distance, maximum lifting height, free lifting height, rising and falling speed, front and rear tilt angle of the platform, etc.
2. Traction performance: This reflects the driving ability of the forklift, which is mostly manifested in the maximum driving speed of full load and no load, the maximum gradient of full load and no load, and the hook traction force. This seriously affects the working efficiency of the forklift, especially in the conditions of long transportation distance in the freight yard.
3. Braking performance: reflects the ability of the forklift to decelerate and stop suddenly while driving, and determines the safety of the forklift operation.
4. Stability: This is the forklift's ability to resist falling under various circumstances and is a necessary condition to ensure the safety of forklift operations. Relevant standards: Forklifts must undergo relevant longitudinal and lateral stability tests, and they can be sold after passing the tests.
5. Mobility: reflects the forklift's flexible turning and working ability in narrow passages and sites, and is related to the forklift's adaptability to the work site and the utilization rate of the warehouse and cargo yard. The technical parameters of maneuverability include small turning radius, small width of right-angle channel, small width of stack channel, etc.
6. Passability: reflects the forklift's ability to overcome road obstacles and pass through various road surfaces and portals. Technical parameters indicating the passability of forklifts include small floor clearance, overall height, width, etc.
7. Light and comfortable operation: The configuration of each operating part and driver's seat of the forklift must comply with ergonomic requirements. The operating force and operating stroke of each operating handle and pedal must be within the physical range to avoid excessive fatigue of the driver and have good working view and comfortable riding experience, etc.

8605bfbc22701e5b2bc13ac46c74b2f847b1445709c2e1faf76c97130207624aAdvantages of NEOlift diesel forklifts:
1. Diesel engines have high compression ratio and high thermal efficiency. Compared with gasoline engines, the fuel consumption rate is very low, about 30%. It has great advantages in fuel consumption.
2. Diesel has a low ignition point, is relatively safe, and is less likely to cause fire.
3. Diesel engines do not require carburetors and ignition devices. These two parts are prone to failure, so the failure rate is relatively low. Moreover, the diesel engine has a simple structure and is easy to maintain.
4. Diesel engine exhaust causes less environmental pollution than gasoline engines. In particular, it contains less carbon monoxide and is less harmful to the human body.
5. When the diesel engine is working, the working pressure in the cylinder is high, so the overall size and weight are large. They meet the requirements for the complete vehicle weight of the forklift.
6. No power is consumed when using the diesel engine, and the loss to the battery is small.
7. Compare the characteristic curves of diesel engines and gasoline engines. When the output power of a gasoline engine reaches its maximum, the speed should be increased. On the contrary, the power decreases. Diesel engine road speed increases steadily as rpm increases. Therefore, under heavy load conditions such as diesel engines, it will have better acceleration performance.
8. Forklifts are short-distance, low-speed, heavy-loaded vehicles with large changes in high and low speeds. Therefore, the characteristics of low speed, large torque, and smooth acceleration of diesel engines are more in line with the use of forklifts.




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