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Double reach truck

What is a Double Reach Truck?

A double reach truck is just a method of forklift this is certainly made with extended forks that can reach deeper into pallet racks compared to a forklift this is certainly regular. This Neo lift's double reach truck may make it a choice this is certainly perfect warehouses along with other space for storage facilities where area reaches reasonably limited. The automobile can also be able to carry heavy lots with ease, making this a choice that is popular companies in several industries that are different.

Why choose a Double Reach Truck?

There are many benefits to employing a Neo lift's double reach truck, including:

1. Increased effectiveness: alongside its extensive forks, the reach that is double can perform deeper into pallet racks, making it feasible for more use that is effective of in just a warehouse or storage space center.

2. Increased Safety: the Neo lift's double reach truck forklift is produced with security features including a sturdy framework, anti-tip mechanisms, and safety guards to shield the driver even though the load.

3. Increased Precision: The truck's extensive forks and power to maneuver in tight spaces allow it to be something which is precise lifting and moving hefty loads, decreasing the possibility for harm or accidents.

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