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A batch of new diesel forklifts is about to be shipped to Europe

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A batch of new diesel forklifts from NEOlift are about to be delivered to our European agent. This customer has maintained a good cooperative relationship with our company and highly recognizes our products. At present, our forklifts are selling very well in their countries and are deeply loved by local customers. The agent said that he would continue to maintain stable cooperation with us in the future and work together to deeply explore the local market.The reason why customers choose our products is because our products have the following advantages.

a7368a8bf3f4807a63b203c8bf155dcb1b56342112147e87ff77c6f7f5f180731. NEOlift is China's leading forklift manufacturer with more than 20 years of history. It has a strong R&D team, a group of experienced production line workers, a experienced after-sales team, and an excellent international team. sales team.
2. NEOlift’s diesel forklift adopts a powerful engine system with direct injection technology, which has excellent starting performance; it has low fuel consumption, low noise, good power performance, and the whole machine operates reliably; the whole machine is painted in parts, and the appearance is beautiful and generous; High-quality pointer instrument cluster helps you improve work efficiency.
3. High-quality electronic combination instrument with reliable working performance. The operator can clearly and conveniently observe various data of the electronic instrument during operation. At the same time, the instrument is equipped with various warning lights to make the work safer and more reliable.
4. Wider operating field of view, the distance between the mast rails is widened by 20mm, and there is no display panel installed in the steering wheel, thus broadening the operating field of view and improving operation safety.
5. The heightened air inlet, especially the elevated position of the air inlet, keeps it away from dust, allowing the air filter to absorb clean air, improving the engine's working efficiency and extending its service life.
6. Convenient maintenance system. After the engine hood is opened, the engine, battery, air filter, and cooling system are clearly visible, making daily inspection and maintenance convenient.
7. Front lighting system. The sturdy and durable front lighting is made of high-strength materials. It is powerful, high-brightness and adjustable to provide sufficient lighting for your work.

29297aa964740be80cbd16f92d5c3306d6872017697f30277cfd52ec71c48aae8. The descending speed limit valve can prevent the cargo from falling rapidly when the hydraulic pipeline fails, ensuring work safety.
9. High-strength integrated engine cover. The engine cover is integrated, which increases the strength of the engine cover. The engine cover is equipped with a gas ejector rod that can be opened 90o for easy maintenance. The interior of the engine cover uses domestically advanced heat insulation materials to ensure that the operator will not be affected by the heat generated by the engine.
10. Mast inclination angle, the designed mast inclination angle is 6 degrees forward and 12 degrees backward, which can better provide work accuracy and ensure the reliability of loading and unloading work.
11. The driving noise is reduced. After continuous improvement, the newly developed front axle is installed on the vehicle body to reduce the forklift's walking noise.
12. The anti-slope function effectively prevents the car body from sliding down when restarting after stopping on the slope, ensuring safe operation.
13. Integrated rollers, the mast is equipped with integrated rollers to reliably prevent the mast from shaking! Strengthen safety and improve work efficiency.
14. Super cooling system, using a specially enlarged water tank, the heat dissipation area and water tank capacity of the water tank are 1.25 times that of similar products. The use of a tube-type heat dissipation structure greatly enhances the strength, ensuring that the forklift will not overheat during standard use, ensuring the normal and stable operation of the power core, and effectively extending the life of the engine.
15. High-strength roof guard. The car body is made of high-quality materials to make a high-strength roof guard, which effectively protects the operator's safety and makes your work worry-free.

953de868823f79672cc235afed0a2adda2a6c75a938a630db6ad5322c70ff758It is precisely because our forklifts have many of the above advantages that customers will continue to choose NEOlift. Choosing NEOlift means choosing safety, and choosing NEOlift means choosing efficiency.



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