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New year, new journey

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With new hope in the new year, 12 three-wheel electric mini forklifts will soon be shipped to Australian customers. The customer is engaged in the hardware industry, which is an intensive warehousing industry and requires smaller forklifts for stacking and handling. Our company's three-point mini electric forklift just meets the needs of customers. The advantage of the mini three-point electric forklift is its maneuverability, which makes it suitable for indoor applications such as warehousing and logistics facilities. The distinguishing feature of the three-pivot electric forklift is the utilization of centrally mounted dual steering wheels located below the counterweight. This creates a center point of rotation that reduces the turning radius of the three-pivot model and improves maneuverability. In fact, the turning radius of a three-pivot forklift is typically 10% smaller than that of comparable four-wheel models. In addition, three-point electric forklifts cost less, have lower hourly maintenance costs, and have a 20-30% longer life expectancy.

3 wheel electric forklift

Three-pivot electric forklift operation precautions:
(1) Only drivers who have been trained and hold a driving license can drive;
(2) The load curve table of the forklift must be read carefully before operation. The load should not exceed the specified value during transportation. The spacing and position of the forks should be adjusted appropriately. The forks must be fully inserted under the goods so that the goods are evenly distributed on the forks to avoid Unbalanced load; pay attention to safety when adjusting the fork spacing to avoid dangers such as pinching hands;
(3) Operators should wear protective shoes, hats, clothing and gloves when operating;
(4) No items may be installed on the ceiling or around the vehicle body that may affect control and visibility;
(5) During use, attention should be paid to the performance and working status of the mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and speed regulators;
(6) Turn on the power, first turn on the key switch, select the position of the direction switch, turn the steering wheel to see if the vehicle rotates normally, and slowly depress the speed pedal to maintain appropriate starting acceleration;
(7) Pay attention to the amount of electricity shown on the battery meter. When the forklift is working, if the amount of electricity shown on the meter is insufficient, stop operation immediately and charge the battery or replace the battery pack with a sufficient amount of electricity;
(8) It is strictly prohibited to operate the vehicle and accessories from positions other than the driver's seat. You must fully understand the function of the control lever before operating. When driving a forklift, you must sit upright and do not extend your hands and feet outside the vehicle;
(9) Avoid operations that may cause the forklift to overturn, such as sudden starts, sudden braking, sudden reversing, sharp turns while driving fast, etc.;
(10) When leaving the vehicle, lower the fork to the ground, put the gear handle in neutral, disconnect the power supply, and pull the parking brake device. When parking for a long time, you must use wedges to cushion the wheels;

3 wheel electric forklift

Daily maintenance of three-fulcrum electric forklift:
1. Clean the exterior of the car body: Use a clean cloth or sponge to wipe the exterior of the car body to keep the vehicle clean and beautiful.
2. Add lubricating oil regularly: Add relevant professional lubricating oil to various mechanical parts regularly to avoid corrosion of the equipment and make the equipment operate more normally.
3. Check the battery: Check the battery's power and charging status to make sure the battery is fully charged and not damaged.
4. Check the fluid level: Check the fluid level of the hydraulic oil and coolant to ensure that the fluid level is within the appropriate range.
5. Check the brake system: Check the working condition of the brake system and ensure that the brakes and brake fluid are working properly.
6. Check the lights: Check whether the vehicle's lights are working properly, including headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals.

3 wheel electric forklift



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