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NEOlift will deliver 2 units of explosion-proof forklifts to a Ukrainian customer

Time : 2023-07-14 Hits : 1

NEOlift, a leading material handling solutions provider, is preparing to deliver two cutting-edge explosion-proof electric forklifts to valued customers in Ukraine. These forklift trucks with state-of-the-art safety features have a loading capacity of 5 tons and a maximum lift height of 3 meters. The American Curtiss control system is adopted, with higher sensitivity and safety. The car body design concept is more ergonomic, comfortable and beautiful. And powered by a reliable 80V650Ah lead-acid battery.

The upcoming delivery of the 5-ton explosion-proof electric forklift highlights NEOlift's commitment to providing advanced solutions. The working environment of explosion-proof forklifts is very harsh, and the flammable and explosive working environment has very strict requirements on the safety and quality of forklifts. These solutions prioritize safety and efficiency in challenging environments. These trucks are designed and built to reflect NEOlift's high requirements for safety and efficiency.

Main Specifications:

1. Loading capacity: Relying on strong power, these two forklifts have demonstrated an impressive 5-ton lifting capacity. This feature ensures increased forklift productivity and efficiency in various material handling scenarios.

2. Lifting height: The maximum lifting height of these forklifts is 3 meters, and the mast system adopts imported channel steel, which has higher load capacity and safety, enabling operators to carry and stack items at a fairly high height, which helps to enhance Operational versatility and adaptability in warehouses, logistics centers and other industrial environments.

3. Explosion-proof design: Since safety is paramount, these forklifts are strictly explosion-proof modified in accordance with high safety and high reliability. They are designed for operation in hazardous environments where there is a risk of explosion, such as those involving flammable and explosive materials. Due to the forklift's unique structural design and higher safety performance, potential risks can be reduced, ensuring the safety of operators and protecting customers' valuable assets.

4. Reliable battery power: These forklifts use ultra-large capacity 80V650Ah lead-acid batteries, which provide reliable and sustainable energy. With their large energy storage capabilities, they can extend run times, minimize charging downtime and maximize warehouse productivity.




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