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8 pieces of standing type counterbalanced stackers will be shipped to a North American customer. The customer is mainly engaged in the food industry, which has high requirements for forklifts. We customized 8 pieces of standing type electric counterbalanced stackers for the customer according to the customer's requirements, with a rated load of 2 tons, a lifting height of 4.5 meters, equipped with a triplex full free mast, a side shifter, and a 24V180Ah lithium battery. This stacker has strong power, long battery life, superior performance, and is very clean and safe.

NEOlift electric counterbalanced stacker
The forklift has sufficient overturning moment to maintain the longitudinal stability of the forklift while ensuring the rated lifting capacity. The characteristics of this forklift are: it has a certain range of free lifting capacity and uses a wheel-side reducer installation method, which makes its structure compact, simple, and easy to maintain. It also has the characteristics of vision, no pollution, low noise and small vibration, bringing cleanliness and tranquility to the environment. It can adapt to operations in narrow passages and areas with complex environments. It can even be flexibly and efficiently loaded and unloaded in containers, ships, and food warehouses. If it can be equipped with pallet cargo boxes, it can realize the unitized transportation of the factory, greatly improving production and reducing labor intensity.

NEOlift electric counterbalanced stacker
1. Improve work efficiency: Counterbalanced stackers can stack and carry goods in a small space, which improves work efficiency. They can quickly and accurately move goods from one location to another, saving time and labor costs.
2. Reduce labor intensity: Counterbalanced stackers can replace manual handling and stacking work, reducing labor intensity. The operator only needs to operate through buttons and levers on the console, without having to carry the goods personally, reducing physical burden.
3. Improve safety: Counterbalanced stackers have a stable structure and precise control system, which can ensure the safety of goods during stacking. They can accurately stack goods in designated locations, avoiding tilting and falling of goods.
4. Strong adaptability: Counterbalanced stackers can adapt to various working environments and cargo types. They can operate flexibly in a small space and are suitable for cargo of different sizes and weights.

NEOlift electric counterbalanced stacker



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