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What should to do when driving a forklift in hot summer weather? How should to pay attention to maintenance?

2024-05-20 15:32:00

The frequency of forklifts working under the scorching sun has increased, so we need to pay more attention to the safe use of forklifts and the heatstroke prevention of operators. The details are as follows:
1. Before entering the heatstroke prevention period, make preparations in advance. If necessary, release the winter lubricating oil in the engine, drive axle, gearbox, steering gear, etc., and add summer lubricating oil according to regulations after cleaning.
2. Remove the scale of the cooling system in time and check the heat sink of the radiator. Check the tightness of the fan belt from time to time.
3. Pay attention to avoid overheating of the engine during operation, and pay attention to the indication reading of the coolant temperature gauge at any time.

NEOlift diesel forklift
4. Check the temperature and air pressure of the tires frequently. If necessary, stop in a cool place and continue to work after the tire temperature drops. Do not use the method of deflating or pouring cold water to reduce pressure and temperature, which is easy to reduce the service life of the tires.
5. Adjust the density of the battery electrolyte, dredge the vents on the battery cover, and add distilled water as needed.
6. Avoid high-frequency use. It is recommended that the vehicle should be stopped after continuous use for 4-6 hours, and used after natural cooling in a ventilated place for about 45 minutes.
7. In heavy rain in summer, try not to operate in the open air on rainy days, and do not wade in water.
8. Make sure you are energetic before operation. If you feel tired, drowsy, slow to react, etc. during operation, you should stop and rest immediately, or wipe your face with cold water to refresh yourself to ensure safe driving.
9. Finally, I would like to remind you of the most important point: take heatstroke prevention and cooling measures in advance to avoid heatstroke.

NEOlift diesel forklift
Precautions and suggestions for diesel forklifts in summer
1. The heat dissipation performance of the engine deteriorates under high temperature, and the temperature is prone to be too high. It is recommended to open the engine hood and dissipate heat in a cool and ventilated place when stopping use.
2. It is easy to cause the water tank to "boil". It is recommended to clean the water tank in time and add special antifreeze.
3. The lubricating oil (grease) of various parts of the forklift becomes thinner, and the lubrication performance decreases, resulting in increased wear of parts under heavy load. It is recommended to clean and lubricate the entire vehicle regularly.
4. Forklifts are equipped with sunshades or special fans/air conditioners for forklifts with cabs.

NEOlift diesel forklift
Summer precautions and suggestions for forklift operators
1. First of all, you should take good heatstroke prevention and cooling measures. If you feel uncomfortable, stop the operation immediately.
2. If you find abnormal performance of the forklift, such as "boiling" or abnormal temperature rise of the body, you should stop the car in time and notify professional maintenance personnel to check the fault in time.
3. In special working environments in summer, such as feed mills and flour mills, it is more prone to danger. It is best to equip the forklift with a fire extinguisher.
4. Drivers should be trained and assessed on safe operation regularly.

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